SOSF Ebonys Joy L123 SOSF Ebonys Joy L123
ASA# 2106820

SOSF Ebonys Joy has become a household word in the Simmental breed. Her accomplishments are second to none. In just 5 short years of production she has surpassed One Half million dollars in revenue. Her progeny are exceeding expectations as they too are beginning their own dynasty of producing highly sought after and sale topping cattle. She has put sons and daughters into many of the top herds across the United States and now has slowly made her way across the border into Canada as we wish are new friends and clients the best of luck as they are in the drivers seat with her genetic influence on their markets. She is truly one of a kind, and only she transmits the desired traits we all crave in the cattle business. The phrase “Often Imitated, but never Duplicated” comes to mind. Volumes can be written about her accomplishments; however we will let these progeny tell the story.

SS Ebonys Dream World
SS Ebonys Dream World as a heifer
SS Ebonys Dream World
as a heifer
SS4U - son
SS Ebonys Dream World
ASA# 2345886

SS Ebonys Dream World is an own daughter of our super donor Ebonys Joy. She is a homozygous black and homozygous polled female. Dream World is the female that we have chosen to carry the torch and continue on the legacy of her legendary dam. We feel that she is one of the best Dream On daughters to hit the ground to date out of this cross. SS Ebonys Dream World is powerfully constructed from the ground up. She is feminine fronted, smooth shouldered; explosive ribbed and excels her sibs in the levelness of hip. She travels free and easy with plenty of substance of bone in a 6.5 frame package. She is the $26,000 valuation top selling female in the 2007 breeders top ten sale where the Duncan family from Oklahoma purchased ½ interest. We anxiously await her contribution as a donor in our programs.

SS Ebonys Image SS255
SS Ebonys Premium Blend SS Ebonys Reflection SS238
SS Ebonys Premium Blend
Full Brother
SS Ebonys Reflection SS238
Full Sister
SS Ebonys Image SS255
ASA# 2373421

SS Ebonys Image SS255 is a powerfully constructed daughter of Ebonys Joy and sired by the Remmington Red Label bull. She is a Full sister to our new herd sire SS Ebonys Premium Blend Owned with Double S Simmentals. A full sister was the high selling fall heifer calf at the 2007 Breeders Top Ten Sale at $10,500 selling to Danner Farms and Jason Verploug. Image is due to calve in the fall of 2008 and we anxiously await her contribution to the donor line up.

Ebonys Image is Homo Polled.

WHSP OAKS Gonna Shine
HILCO Shine On - son of WHSP OAKS Gonna Shine 212S - daughter of WHSP OAKS Gonna Shine
Son Daughter
107NT - Son
Grand Champion Bull
2008 Fort Worth Stock Show
Owned by Texas A&M Univ.
MM4T - Son
Herd sire -
Hill Country Cattle Co, TN
WHSP OAKS Gonna Shine
ASA# 2160067

Gonna Shine is admired by everyone that has seen her because of her tremendous rib shape yet maintaining an ultra feminine front end. Because of her type and kind, she has seen a lot of purple in her career at numerous state level shows in the Midwest. She is a former Reserve Division Champion at the North American and still looks like a champion on our fescue pastures. Gonna Shine is backed by the legendary Power Drive with a different twist on the bottom side with Lchman Bodybuilder. Her unique blend of proven genetics will make her a mainstay in our program for years to come.

Gonna Shine is tested homozygous black.

Masterfare Pride 1107 Masterfare Pride 1107
ASA# 2296812

Masterfare Pride 1107 is a sleek designed powerfully constructed Angus donor by LF New Trend 4100 and out of a Fink bred 6148 daughter. She has the right parts to be an elite Simangus producer. We have looked for a cow like this for several years and have not found a match for her yet. Her progeny and embryos have been highly sought after by progressive foundation cattle producers not only in the Simmental breed but other breeds as well.

HILCO Proud Lady 1107R

$15,000 first daughter
HILCO Proud Lady 1107R
ASA# 2298528

HILCO Proud Lady 1107R is the first simangus female out of our Angus donor Masterfare Pride 1107. She was one of those accidents that turned to gold. We thought that her dam was safe AI when we turned her out with the clean up bull in Tennessee, however we were wrong. Her sire SS Black Raptor L306L had been doing an outstanding job on our commercial cows there and we were already starting to think about using him in the purebreds any way. This got the ball rolling a little quicker. A few months later 1107R was on the ground and turned out to be one of the best females we have raised to date.

Proud Lady went on to have a great show career; she was Grand champion at the Ohio State fair and Res. Division champion at the North American. She was never beaten in class at the Ohio State Fair, Simmental Breeders Sweepstakes, North American and Denver. Not bad for being sired by the clean up bull.

Proud Lady is a limited edition due to the fact that her sire later that year was lost out of production to a freak accident and never saw his way into the purebred side of the operation. He was used in the commercial herd although he was royally bred to the former national champion Red Obsession female and out of the many time champion for Double S, SS Reanna FF3.

HILCO Proud Lady 1107R has now calved as a two year old and done an outstanding job with her heifer calf that has the look to carry on the remarkable story.

HLC Mackenzie
RR264 - daughter RR521 - daughter
TT515 - daughter  
HLC Mackenzie L76
ASA# 2108631

HLC Mackenzie L76 was purchased in the 2002 Denver sale. She is sired by the infamous HC Power Drive who needs no introduction to the Simmental breed. Her dam is Triple C Rewards Queen who has been a featured donor for Hudak & Triple C Farms. Her grand dam, Hart Hollywood Queen, has set the standard for Triple C and top Simmental genetics. Mackenzie started her show career being named Division Champion or Reserve seven out of nine times as a yearling at state fair and higher competitions. Although being in the hunt was extremely fun, her contribution to our program has been extremely satisfying with the influence of her legendary cow family behind her. Mackenzie has matured into a powerful donor female. Her progeny continue to be admired at the Top Ten Sales where many have been top sellers.

NJC Lady Knight
TT39 - daughter 518RR - daughter
TT201 - son  
NJC Lady Knight 20
ASA# 2097389

NJC Lady Knight is a direct daughter of the Ebony Antoinette donor. Pages can be written about the influence of Antoinette on the Simmental breed in recent years. Lady Knight is Antoinette’s only Power Drive daughter in production. She is quickly moving up the ranks at Double S, with four sons and daughters averaging $5,000 in 2007. Her progeny have been very well received at Double S at the Breeders Top Ten Sales. They maintain the profile and depth that her impeccable pedigree would suggest.

JF Unforgettable Lady 308N
R308 - $17,500 son S308 - $13,500 Daughter
T308 - $3,000 Son  
JF Unforgettable Lady 308N
ASA# 2196051

JF Unforgettable Lady 308N has made her way into the donor line up the old fashion way, she earned it. After her first two natural calves averaged nearly $14,000 we quickly decided to add her to the donor team. She is a Mr. Mt daughter out of the Unforgettable 120L donor stemming from the Unforgettable 9A female. She quickly caught everyone’s attention with her first son SS Undreamabull who topped the Top Ten Bull sale selling to the Adcock family in IL for $17,250. He is now continuing her legacy with his first progeny on the ground. We anxiously await the influence of this donor in our program with her time tested proven pedigree.

SNCC Miss 0505N

HILCO Blue Wazoo 505T - progeny of SNCC Miss 0505N
HILCO Blue Wazoo 505T
progeny of SNCC Miss 0505N
SNCC Miss 0505N
ASA# 2215362

SNCC Miss 0505N is a powerfully made unique half blood Simmental female. This shorthorn based female was an attention getter when we were showing this attractive sharp made individual. She stems from a 3C Pasque X Bertha son on the top side and out of a Double Talent daughter. Her sire is a full brother to the popular champion Berthas Big Mac shown by Phillips Cattle Co in Maysville, KY. Miss 0505N, better known as “Shorty” was the Grand Champion % female at the Ohio State Fair, and Junior Champion female at the American Royal. Shorty has been tested TH free and after three solid black daughters in a row we finally got a blue roan. Watch for this exciting ¾ blood Simmental blue roan bull in the future.

rear view
HILCO Mystic Blue Lady 505U
ASA# 2434719

HILCO Mystic Blue Lady 505U is a remarkable female sired by our leading herd sire Ebonys Grand Master, and out of the Miss 0505N cow. She is a ¾ blood Simmental ¼ shorthorn female that can turn some heads. Her beautiful color attracts people to her and when they analyze her as an individual they find extreme depth, length, width, and an unbelievable third dimension, in a package that can move like a cat.

Her EPD’s are stacked for low birth weight and growth. With cows like Ebonys Joy and Bertha behind her, she will surely be a consistent producer. We look forward to showing this female this summer and fall and to put her in production in our % breeding program.

SS Camilena

SS Camilena's Dam
Camilena's Dam
SS Camilena
ASA# 2151693

SS Camilena is an attractive made thick ended daughter of the former Double S out cross red donor Circle A Miss Cammy and the immortal Power Stroke. Camilena passes her width of base, skeletal extension, and overall design into her calves.

Co-owned with Traci Middleton, TN

JF Camelot 7049T
SS/LF Miss Camelot - dam of JF Camelot 7049T Circle A Miss Cammy - granddam of JF Camelot 7049T
Dam Granddam
JF Camelot 7049T
ASA# 2427051

JF Camelot 7049T was a sentimental purchase due to the fact her Dam SS/LF Camelot was the first female I sold for Double S in Denver out of their Circle A Cammy donor that was one of the high selling breds at $15,000. Along with that 7079T was a powerful individual with remarkable performance. She is extremely wide based with a tremendous hip and rib cage. She is sired by the Janssen herd sire WSJ Encore who is proving himself to be the sire of power and substance. This ¾ blood female will be of great value in our program already putting a Grand Master heifer calf on the ground that will turn some heads at the 2010 “Back to the Basics” Sale.

GCF Ms 3G T107
KSU Ankony Miss Dorothy KSU Ankony Miss Dorothy 2004 Denver Res Grand Champion Female
GCF Ms 3G T107
ASA# 2401231

We have always wanted a Red Coat daughter in the herd. When we found GCF Miss 3G T107 who just happened to be a maternal sister to the 2004 Denver Res. Champion female KSU Ankony Miss Dorothy she was a must have. Her dam Miss Kansas K 3G has stood the test of time producing sound made functional cattle. T107 brings an outcross pedigree to the table for most of the sires available and we anxiously await her contribution to our program.

Haines Enchantina 3404 Haines Enchantina 3404
AAA# 14796912

Haines Enchantina 3404 is an Angus female we picked up to incorporate into our SimAngus program. She is a Famous 7001 granddaughter with an old school outcross pedigree. She has a lot of volume and thickness and will surely be an asset to our program.

BF Rockette 810
BF Rockette 810 - rear view SR/CG Hard Rock 5073
rear view sire
BF Rockette 810
AHA# P42927601

We know this one is a little different on our site but were pretty proud of her. BF Rockette 810 is a purebred Hereford that we picked up for our son Cody to start his Bred and owned project. With our business we sell a lot of Simmental youth projects so we have decided to keep our kids from competing with our clients. As you can see Rockette (Rocket as Cody calls her) is a nice starting point for a nice foundation Hereford line here at Hill Country. This Hard Rock daughter has the same qualities we strive for with rib shape, muscle mass, substance of bone and soundness. As you can see by looking at our females color or breed does not matter Quality is what we are a fan of.
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