SS Ebonys Grand Master
SOSF Ebonys Joy L123
Dam: SOSF Ebonys Joy L123

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SS Ebonys Grand Master
ASA# 2281133

SS Ebonys Grand Master is proving to be everything his pedigree would dictate and more. His sire Black Joker dominated the breed in his day with growth and eye appeal. His dam SOSF Ebonys Joy has become one of the Elite donors of some time with a life time earnings over the one million dollar mark. Full sibs and maternal sibs to Grand Master are getting into production and proving their value setting their own records in progeny sales.

Grand master has been used on heifers with great success. They are low birth weight, easy calving cattle. He transmits that depth of rib and flank that we all strive for in a very attractive package.

His Calves have been very well received across the country, Topping many sales in the Bull and Female Rings. Not many sires do as well with both sexes in their calf crops. Several progeny have found their way to the backdrops in the show ring as well, including the Calf Champion at the 2012 National Western and also the Grand Champion Simmental Female at the 2012 National Western Stock Show. His daughters dominated the 2012 National Show in Kansas City being named Grand and Reserve National Champion Females.  His progeny success led him to become the #1 sire for Simmental registrations in the year of 2012.
He is Homozygous Black and Homozygous Polled and a very nice outcross to the popular Dream On pedigrees as well.

We would like to thank everyone who has inquired and purchased semen on this remarkable individual making him one of the hottest selling Simmental bull on the market in the last few years. Please keep us informed about your success with Grandmaster progeny.

2012 National Champion Simmental Female 2012 Res National Champion Simmental Female  
$25,000 JSMF Flick of Glitter
2012 Denver Champion
HILCO Mystic Blue Lady
2010 Dixie National Champion
$7,500 Daughter



$8,000 Daughter

Nouvelle Ms. Sophie Y83
Calf Champion 2012 Denver

$12,500 Daughter



$10,000 Daughter

$10,000 Daughter

$15,000 Daughter



$19,000 Daughter $7,750 Daughter $7,000 Daughter
$14,000 Daughter $8,000 Daughter $15,000 Daughter

SS Ebonys Premium Blend

SS Ebonys Premium Blend ( Deceased )
ASA# 2373419

We regret to inform everyone that due to an unfortunate injury that Premium Blend has fallen to an untimely death.

SS Ebonys Premium Blend was perhaps the best Ebonys Joy son to date in terms of pure muscle mass, width and dimension, stoutness of bone and soundness on the move. He was sired by the Remington Red Label bull that adds even more remarkable cow families into his extraordinary genetic make up. His flush mate sisters have been very powerful in their makeup and are making their mark as producing Donors and cows as well. His progeny are starting to gain notoriety across country with his son HILCO Power Booster being named Res Grand Champion Simangus Bull at the 2012 National  Western Stock Show.

Owned with Double S Simmentals
Homo Polled


HILCO Power Booster 21XX
Res Grand Champion Simangus Bull
2012 National Western Stock Show




SS Ebonys Premium Blend


HILCO Power Booster 21XX
ASA# 2534380
Owned with Ridinger Cattle Co, Deer Trail CO.

HILCO Power Booster21XX was special when he hit the ground. He walked the pastures with a swagger among his contemporaries. He maintained that level of confidence going into his first major outing as a calf and was named Res Grand Champion at the 2010 Simmental Breeders Sweepstakes. Later that year, as a calf he was Grand Champion at the KY State Fair. He then traveled west with our new partners, Ridinger Cattle Co and was named Grand Champion at the 2011 Colorado State Fair and on into Denver where he was crowned Res Grand Champion Simangus Bull at the 2012 National Western Stock Show.   
His pedigree has a very sentimental value at Hill Country Cattle as well. This is one of our first major contenders that we have raised both the sire and the dam in our pastures. His dam HILCO Proud Lady 1107R has been one of our lead donors in our Simangus program and his sire Ebonys Premium Blend has been making his mark as well. Although we lost his sire to an unfortunate injury, we are confident the Power Booster will fill his spot in our herd sire line up quite nicely.

HILCO Power Booster 21XX                   
2012 Denver Res Grand Champion

HILCO Proud Lady 1107R


HILCO Ranchero U68

HILCO Ranchero U68
ASA# 2436656

HILCO Ranchero U68 is our new herd sire that we are very excited about. He is sired by the ABS stud sire SAND Ranch Hand and out of a first calf heifer who is a daughter of the Denver champion KSU Venom and the former Ankony Donor that now resides at Hale Ranch, MCS Too Much (Too Red x Right Time).

He brings to the plate a new twist of pedigrees that can be heifer acceptable and an outcross pedigree to the Dream On cattle. We think he will work nice on the Premium Blend and Grand Master Females.
He is a true wide body with tremendous depth and thickness. He has impressed everyone that has seen him with his width of base and soundness.

Ranchero will be the one to watch in our future genetics.
Ranchero - head shot Ranchero - rear view


STF Smooth Sailin

Dam: GCF Miss Elsa W11

ASA# 2654899

At Hill Country Cattle Co we are excited about the addition of our new Jr. herd sire TNGL Vegas Z442. He was our pick at the 2013 KY Beef Expo where he was the High selling bull. He is the epitome of eye appeal, with his near perfect bald face setting upon a sleek neck, smooth shouldered front end. He has plenty of extension and a powerful hip. He is a sound moving bull with a power packed pedigree and EPD’s to stack on our Grandmaster daughters.

He is sired by the ever popular WAGR Dream Catcher and out of the massive donor GCF Miss Elsa W11 in the Tingle program. This guy is stacked with some of the more influential, powerful proven cows in the breed. From the top down he reads 107W, Sheeza Dream, 3C Melody M668 BZ, Lucas Josie19k, GCF Miss Elsa W11, GCF Miss Elsa, and SS Miss Break. We have always tried to build our program around the Cow family and this guy will be an exciting tool.



STF Smooth Sailin


Swain-BCS Rocky 001X
ASA# 2542712

After selling our HILCO Ka Chow herd sire we went on the look for a young bull to take his place. Like everyone we looked for that next outcross bull that would fit our needs as a calving ease sire that still can throw that “look”  that we all strive for, and still maintain the degree of structural soundness that Is my pet peeve in our program. After many miles and many sales we finally found the bull that would work on our cows because he was the type and kind and one of the soundest moving bulls I seen that spring. Yes he is a Dream On Son however we have kept most of our cows Dream On free and needed a bull to put mostly on our outcross Grandmaster daughters. The bull Swain –BCS Rocky 001X fit the bill. After reviewing his pedigree, his Dam is a full sister to one of our most prolific brood cows in the herd that we have contemplated about moving to the donor pen. His dam is a Power stroke Daughter and out of the famous SAFN Glamour 11J.

We have had a few calves on the ground out of first calf heifers and the results are just as we have hoped. They came small and have a very cool look about them. Stay tuned as this sire moves up the ranks in our herd bull line up.


STF Smooth Sailin

STF Smooth Sailin 151S
ASA# 2335758

STF Smooth Sailin has proved to be everything that I expected when I bought him for Double S. His type and kind was a must have in the Hill Country genetic equation. His impressive “look” transmits into his offspring. They have his powerful hip and that “Oh So Cool “front end. We turned him loose on our Grandmaster daughters and the forecast for the future is going to be “Smooth Sailin” come sale time.

He has proved to be an excellent calving ease bull like his pedigree would predict. He is a Dream On son out of the STF Dreamie 700N cow who is a Goldmine x STF Dream Catcher daughter.

Daughter Daughter Daughter
 U509  U509
Daughters Son

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